Ductility Machine

Building Materials Testing Systems

Product Details

  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BAS-518
  • Standards:EN 13398, EN 13589, ASTM D113, AASHTO T51, ASTM D113

It determines ductility of formed asphalt or semi-solid bitumen by measuring the distance of elongation before reaching the breaking point of a sample which is pulled apart at a specifi c speed and temperature.

Automatically works with a 50mm/min speed and maximum stroke length is 1500mm. Water bath temperature is constant at 25 °C ± 0,5 °C. Maximum tensile force is 300N and the accuracy is ± 0,1 N. Consist of Digital control panel.

Inside of the machine is stainless steel and the outside is coated with electrostatic dye. It has a digital control unit and includes circulation pump. The machine comes with 3 moulds and 3 mould base plates.

Cooling unit, completely stainless steel and fi ber isolated frame optional.

  • Product Code : BAS-518/1.
  • Weight : 113 kg
  • Dimensions : 1960mm.x350mm.x8600mm.
  • Power : 220-240V 50Hz