Moisture Meter

Building Materials Testing Systems

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  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BAG – 418
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If materials are to be used in a process, such as aggregates, ceramics or concrete manufacture, it is also usually important to know the moisture content before, during and after the process. Moisture meter is used for the fast and accurate water content measurement of bulk materials for industry.

The instrument measures moisture and temperature of minerals and building materials at depths up to nearly 2 metres - simply by insertion. The digital readings are shown instantly. It has a built-in computer which gives it the fl exibility to handle a wide range of materials and water contents.

  • The ability to rapidly and accurately measure the moisture content of hundreds of tons of material.
  • There is no sampling, use of chemicals, balances or ovens.
  • Used in any environment where minerals or building materials are being shipped, stored or processed.