Field CBR Apparatus Truck Type

Building Materials Testing Systems

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  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BSO – 212-A
  • Standards:

The CBR (California Bearing Ratio) fi eld test set is designed for making CBR determinations in the fi eld and is built around a modifi ed Load Frame. Typically, the reaction load used for fi eld testing is a heavy piece of equipments such as a loaded dump truck. The set includes 1 of each of the following: H-Gear Box w/ handle, Swivel Base; 2200 lbf Load Ring; 5500 lbf Load Ring; Penetration Piston - 4”; Extension Set; Extension Set; Dial Indicator 1.000” x .001”; Extension Points - 1” length; Magnet Holder w/ swivel; Steel Bridge Support – 8 ft., and 2 of H-Surcharge Weight and Surcharge Weight.