Consolidation Test Set

Building Materials Testing Systems

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  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BSO-220
  • Standards:ASTM D2435 - ASTM D3877 - ASTM D4546 - BS 1377:5 - AASHTO T216

The one-dimensional consolidation test gives useful information about the consolidation of a sample which is restrained laterally. The test can be performed with the aim of determining either the relationship between imposed force and resultant strain or between strain and time of application of a constant force. The sample, of cylindrical shape, is contained within an indeformable ring and placed between two porous discs; a series of calibrated weights, applied to a lever system, transmits a load to the load plunger which slides freely within the ring, thus consolidating the sample. A measurement instrument indicates the axial strain of the sample.

Rigidly manufactured from aluminium alloy casting to provide a high degree of accuracy with any frame distorsion under load. The load bridge group is supported in high accuracy self-aligning seat balls.

The beam provides three loading ratio: 9:1 10:1 11:1 and the beam assembly is fi tted with an adjustable counterbalance weight.

  • Product Code : BSO-220
  • Weight : 25 kg
  • Dimensions : 190 x 850 x 527 mm