Vicat Apparatus

Building Materials Testing Systems

Product Details

  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BCE-305
  • Standards:EN 196-3:2005 - EN 13279-2 (GYPSUM) - EN 480-2 - ASTM C187 -ASTM C191 - AASHTO T131 - DIN 1196 - DIN 1168 - BS 4550

Used for determination of setting time and consistency of cement. Mould, Beginning, Ending and water content needles are included.


The Vicat apparatus, that is designed and manufactured using the most recent and sophisticated technology, is used for the initial and fi nal setting time determination of cements or mortar pastes.

The unit is manufactured with anticorrosion and tropicalized components to be used in places with humidity not below 90% and 20°C. controlled temperature as required by EN Specifi cations.

The entire test is made in a fully automatic way and gives a very precise and repeatable result. The results are printed on the incorporated printer and this eliminates the manual operations of installing and zeroing the paper graph on the drum.

  • Product Code : BCE-305/1
  • Weight App. : 6 kg
  • Product Code : BCE-305/OT
  • Power supply : 220-240V 1 Ph 50Hz.
  • Dimension : 400 x 200 x 470mm
  • Weight App. : 13 kg