Self Consolidating Concrete Flowability Test

Building Materials Testing Systems

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  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BCO-129
  • Standards:ASTMstandards C1621/1621M-06

These tests are used to determine the fl owability and passing ability of self-consolidated concrete (SCC), ASTM C1621. Passing ability refers to the ability of SCC, under its own weight (without vibration), to fl ow into and completely fi ll the spaces within intricate framework, containing obstacles such as reinforcment bars.

J Ring Test Set

Provides a method to measure the distance of lateral fl ow of Self Consolidating Concrete. Designed for durability, the set includes a slump cone, J-Ring with smooth rods, and steel baseplate with engraved rings to measure fl ow distance. Complies with ASTM standards C1621/1621M-06.

L-Box Flowability Test Set

Method used to determine fl ow rates and passibility of SCC in confi ned spaces. Test box is comprised of concrete reservoir, slide gate, three obstacles and test basin. Includes metal strike-off bar.

V-Funnel Flowability Test Set

Stainless steel construction with 10L capacity. Upper edge is smooth and reinforced and the outfl ow orifi ce is equipped with seal valve. Includes polyethylene box to collect discharge and 900mm long straight edge to level concrete before test.

Static Segregation Column Mold

Used to determine the potential static segregation of selfconsolidating concrete. An easy-to-use clamping and collection system allows the segregation test to be conducted by a single operator. Built with Schedule 40 PVC, the 8” diameter mold has sections of 6.5”, 13”, and 6.5” in height. The supporting base is 15” x 15”. The 2 collection plates are 8.5” wide stainless steel.

J Ring Test Set
  • BCO-129
  • Weight: 29 kg
L-Box Flowability Test Set
  • BCO-128
  • Weight: 12 kg
V-Funnel Flowability Test Set
  • BCO-130
  • Weight: 24 kg
Static Segregation Column Mold
  • BCO-131
  • Weight: 11 kg