Electrical Core Drilling Machine

Building Materials Testing Systems

Product Details

  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BCO-117
  • Standards:EN 12404-1

This is a method of assesing hardened construction materials such as concrete is by cutting a specimen from the area to be checked.

This core drilling equipment is designed to cut cores up to 150 mm diameter from concrete and similar hard construction materials.

The equipment comprises a base unit, support column, feed unit and electrical motor.

It has variable size and power models and comes with stand, water spray apparatus and necessary tools.

Available in two models such as 360° tilting or fi xed.

Core drill bits are optional!

Product Code :
  • BCO-117/1 Electrical Model 360° tilting ,Milwaukee motor
  • BCO-117/101 Stand
  • BCO-117/2 Electrical Model fi xed, Milwaukee motor
  • BCO-117/3 Electrical Model fi xed, Bosch motor
  • BCO-117/301 Stand
Bits :
  • BCO-117/4 Drill Bit Ø 75 mm
  • BCO-117/5 Drill Bit Ø 100 mm
  • BCO-117/6 Drill Bit Ø 150 mm
  • Core Drill Height: 10-50 mm
  • Speed : Two speed 450 rpm , 900 rpm
  • Power Supply : 220 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Weight : 85 kg
  • Dimensions : 700 x 410 x 1200 mm