Buoyancy Balance

Building Materials Testing Systems

Product Details

  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BCO-111
  • Standards:EN 12390-7, BS 1881:114

It is used for specifi c gravity determination of concrete or aggregates.

The density of concrete specimens are determined by dimensional checks, weighting and calculation or weight in air/water buoyancy method.

Comes with sample plate ,water tank and wire basket.

Electrostatic dyed.

The balance must be ordered seperately!

Product Code :
  • BCO-111 Set
  • BGE-607 Wire Basket
  • BCO-111/1 Sample Plate
  • BCO-111/2 Water Tank 380 x 240 x 280 mm
  • Weight : 42 kg
  • Dimensions : 970 x 500 x 400 mm,