DOLI Controlled Instant Servo Hydraulic Compression Test Machine with Modulus Of Elasticity

Building Materials Testing Systems

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  • Standards:ISO 7500-1, EN 12390-4, ASTM C39

Doli Controlled Servo-Hydraulic Compression Test Machine has a closed - loop system, which means this machine Works automatically.

Available in capacities of 1000kN, 2000kN and 3000kN, also this machine can be produced in different requested capacities. Frame has 4-Coulumns; every column has 4 screws to adjust the frame for perfect calibration.

Upper platen is ball seat unit and lower platen is constant. For safety precaution, the limit-switch is integrated to the machine and also frame has a door and windows (when the door is opened machine stops working).

Sensitive servo valve is supplied by Moog (Made in Germany) and controller unit is supplied by Doli (Made in Germany). The controller unit supports the loading force from 0.01kN/sec. to 30kN/sec.

At the end of the test process to start a new test the piston returns to default position. Controller unit has a simple and compact configuration.

Software provides test data, results, and the load-time/stress-time graphs can both be seen and saved at the computer.

LVDT is used to measure the deformation on the specimen. 2 LVDT must be assembled vertically and 1 LVDT must be assembled horizontally to the compressometer.

Machine automatically calculates modulus of elasticity, poisson rate, vertical and horizontal deformation by LVDTs and compressometer.

  • Accuracy is according to ISO 7500-1 class 1, EN 12390-4, ASTM C39.
  • Suitable for testing 150x150x150 , 200x200x200 mm cube and 150x300 mm cylinder concrete samples.
  • It has rigit load frame in 4-column construction. The columns are screwed free from play to the machine’s foot and head.
  • Machine’s foot and head are cut from the solid, all bearing surfaces are mechanically machined.
  • Compact frame, formed by upper and lower platens. Platens machined on all sides, hardened and on both sides face grinded.
  • Upper platen spherically seated to allow an inclination up to 3° for homogenous loading.
  • Lower platen marked to allow centring of both cubes and cylinders.
  • Test cylinder has single acting feature, cut from the solid (no screwed in buttom).
  • Distance plates for diff erent size samples (10mm, 20mm, 50mm,80mm)
  • Piston is hardened and micro finished.
  • Piston stroke limitation by endswitches.
  • Piston protection made of sheet steel – against dirt.
  • Security door ( fixed in rear of the frame and openable/closable in front ). Depending on electrical safety switch, the test machine just works if the door is closed