Mositure-Corrosions Analaysis

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  • Standards:ASTM C876-91, BS 1881 Part 201, SIA 2006, DGZfP B3, UNI 10174

The Canin instrument off ers two methods for investigating and assessing the corrosion of steel in concrete. Firstly, the instrument can measure the corrosion potential and secondly, it can measure the resistivity of the concrete. The same CANIN device can perform both tasks.

  • Test device provides two options such as tetermination and evaluation of the iron corrosion.
  • The device can measure the corrosion potential or the resistivity of the concrete or can be used for both.
  • Corrosion of reinforcement in concrete is an electrochemical process. With the use of high current resistance voltmeter and a half-meter electrode, a potential field can be measured on the concrete surface.
  • Corrosion Analyzer shows the corrosion before the start of oxidation. This early diagnosis can be successful in the prevention of unexpected structural problems.
  • The device is suitable for 8000 m² of space for evaluating the corrosion potential depending on the individual selectable grid dimensions.
  • 235,000 value stored in the smart memory.
  • Through easy-to-use menus with easy-scale reading and 9 keys, you can display up to 240 measurement values.
  • Concrete resistivity measured by the four-point Wenner probe.
  • Low resistivity of concrete is a good chance to show the degree of corrosion and corrosion of reinforcement.
  • The device can store up to 5,800 resistivity values.
  • Information can be transferred to the computer.
  • Standards: ASTM C876-91, BS 1881 Part 201, SIA 2006, DGZfP B3, UNI 10174.
  • Potential measurements: measurement range: ± 999 mV
  • Resolution: 1 mV
  • Memory: Permanent memory are stored for up to 235,000 measurements in 71 files.
  • Software: Information overload with ProVista software on the PC.
  • Battery: 6 L-type batteries, 1.5 V for 60 hours or 30 hours when backlight is active.
  • Resistance Measurement: Measurement range: 0 – 99 kΩcm
  • Resolution: 1 kΩcm
  • Memory: With the non-volatile memory, stored for up to 5,800 measurement in 24 files.
  • Information transfer: 6 L-type batteries, 1.5 V for 40 hours or 30 hours when backlight is active.
  • Internal Resistance: 10 MΩ
  • Temperature Range: 0 to +60 ° C
  • Display: 128 x 128 pixel graphical LCD with backlight, Data Output: RS-232 interfaces, with a USB adapter.
  • Weight: 10.6 kg, Transportation. 14 kg
  • Accessories: One electrode system, the Wenner probe with cable, spare tire foam pads and control plate, USB adapter.