Freezing and Thawing Test System

Building Materials Testing Systems

Product Details

  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BGE – 609
  • Standards:TS EN 12371, TS 699

The device can to keep a constant temperature,make heating and cooling process at he desired speeds and make water intake or water discharging process.There are also drain valve.

The device stops when the end of the number of cycles.If when the end of the cycles is required to remain at the desired temperature,it should be added before program starting.

Thawing in water;water intake,the waiting time in the water and water discharging can be defined as a parameter each with a different.

Cabin is equipped with a flap top and piston driving. Water intake tank is independent. The water level in the cabin can be seen on the device computer screen. Can be connected a computer. Comes with the software program

Complies with CE standards.