Single Piston Doli Controlled ServoHydraulic Cement Compression and Flexural Test Machine

Building Materials Testing Systems

Product Details

  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BCE-312/3
  • Standards:EN 196-1, 459-2, 1744-1, 1015-11, 13459-2, ASTM C109, BS 3892-1, 4551-1 EN196-1, ASTM C109

Fully automatic Servo Hydraulic cement compression and fl exure machine has been designed according to the EN196-1 and ASTM C109 standards for testing the fl exure of the mortar prisms 40*40*160 mm and the compression on the 40*40 mm pieces of the prisms after the fl exure test or 50*50 mm mortar cubes. The machine is consist of very rigid two column frame, automatic closed loop PID controlled servo hydraulic power pack and LCD graphic digital control and readout unit 220V,50-60 Hz. Pace Rate can adjust 0,05 kN to 20 kN. Available in two types of controller; one is Germany brand DOLI Controller and the other one is Besmak brand Sematron Controller.