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  • Code:BRC-703/1
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Accurately measuring compressive strength- which directly determines the load bearing capacity and durability of concrete structures- is achieved by striking th concrete at a defi ned energy, the measuring the hammer’s rebound. The rebound corresponds to the concrete’s hardness. Using conversion tables, the rebound value can be correlated to compressive strength.

This instrument enables engineers to measure the strength of existing concrete structures in situ to control concrete quality and detect weak spots.

  • Stroke force is 74 Nm.
  • Test hammer is used for Nx,Ax and Bx specimens.
  • Specimen cradle is recommended as an option to perform vertical strokes to samples.
Silver Schmidt Test Hammer
  • Back shot value has high precision repeatability.
  • Designed pistons from mild hybrid is made of special alloys according to purpose, suitable for the elastic properties of concrete and coated rigid steel.
  • Due to the global piston end, while the test is performed, it has been designed so as not to have to hit at an angle.
  • Taken from the measured values can be stored in the test hammer and evaluated according to statistical information. Stored data can be transferred directly from memory of hammer to computer.
  • Measuring range is 10-100 MPa.
  • Test hammer is suitable to ISO DIS 8045; EN 12504-2; ENV 206; BS 1881, part 202; ASTM C 805; ASTM D 5873 (rock); DIN 1048 part 2; B-15.225; NF P 18-417 standards.
  • Measuring interval is at least 0.79 N/mm and spring elongation is at least 75mm.
  • The device will read a minimum of 20000 has its own memory. Reading results can be given in kg/cm2 and N/mm2 (MPa).
  • The device can work at 0 - 50 ˚C ambient temperature.
Digi Schmidt Test Hammer
  • Digi Schmidt Test Hammer is suitable to EN 12 504-2, ASTM C 805 standards.
  • Digi Schmidt makes quality tests.
  • Automatically it compares rebound values to the concrete compressive strength.
  • Factors can be chosen according to the concrete by age and testing differences to ensure accurate measurements on a wide parameters.
  • Digi Schmidt Test Hammer is suitable configured with ND or LD type hammer parts which is produced as necessary for optimum quality assurance practices.
  • Large-scale structure is required for measuring correlations projects benefit from this electric technology.