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Determining the adhesive strength on concrete structures and the tensile strength of concrete.

Testing is carried out directly on the structure. It can be measured on any point of the structure. For the determination of the tensile strength it is not necessary to install test devices prior to the casting of the concrete. It is ideal for the evaluation of strength in concrete renovation.

  • Easy of use anywhere
  • Constant load increase
  • 6.25 kg weight
  • DYNA Z Unit with digital manometer
    Z16 16kN 0.01N/mm² <2% 3.5mm
    Z6 6kN 0.01N/mm² <2% 4.0mm
    Battery: CR 2430 battery type to use 150 hours
    Weight: 6.25 kg
    Property of transfer to the computer that all the values of the measured
  • DYNA Z with Electronic Display and Pressure Sensor
    Z16 16kN 0.01N/mm² <2% 3.5mm
    Z6 6kN 0.01N/mm² <2% 4.0mm
    Weight : 8 kg
    Interface: RS 232
    Temperature range: -10 ° ….+ 60 ° C
    Battery: 6 LR6, 1.5V (capable to work 60 hours)