Electrical Stiffness Gauge

Building Materials Testing Systems

Product Details

  • Category:Building Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BSO-225
  • Standards:ASTM D6758

The GeoGauge is a unique, QC/QA field tool that can be used to measure the uniformity of unbound pavement layers by measuring the variability in stiffness throughout a structure. It is an excellent tool for identifying construction anomalies that would otherwise go undetected during construction where only density or percent compaction measurements were used. By measuring stiffness, the GeoGauge can reveal and thus help reduce variabilities in layer properties, which density measurements may miss, thus allowing corrective actions to be taken during construction to ensure that the highest quality base and subgrade are achieved despite variations in materials used.

The GeoGauge is the perfect companion instrument for density measuring devices such as nuclear gauges and the electrical density gauge. Density measuring devices can be used to ensure that proper compaction is achieved and the GeoGauge can be used to verify that the stiffness/modulus values assumed in the design specifications of new or rehabilitated pavement structures are met. Compacting and monitoring pavement layers directly to design requirements of structural layer stiffness or material modulus in addition to percent compaction during the construction process establishes the means to effectively control structural uniformity, strength and deflection, as well as enabling the monitoring and control of the construction quality of various materials. This leads to better smoothness and longer lasting pavement surfaces at lower cost.

  • Layer Stiffness: 17 to 400 klbf/in (3 to 70 MN/m)
  • Young’s Modulus (in-place):4 to 90 kpsi (26 to 610 MPa
  • Measuring Depth:9 to 12 inches (230 to 310 mm)
  • Measuring Duration:75 seconds
  • Power: six D-cell batteries (1000 to 1500 measurements)
  • Dimensions: gauge only: 11" dia. x 10.5" high (280 mm x 270 mm)
    carrying case: 18.5" x 16.5" x 13"(470 x 420 x 330 mm)
  • Net Weight: gauge only: 22 lbs. (10 kg)
    with case: 34 lbs. (15.5 kg)