Digital Readout Unit

Code: BCO-113/13

• 240*120 pixel blue-white graphic LCD display

• High resolution 65.000 points

• Backlight function

• Capability of contrast calibration by light.

• 18 key touch membrane keyboard

• CPU card by microprocessor 32 bit ARM risk architecture

• Two analogical and two digital channels, use for load cell or pressure transducer etc.

• Standalone full automatic testing capacity

• Can make manual tests if requested

• A sample type and dimension can be entered with respect to the standards

• Load-Time, Tensile-Time, Test Results and Sample reports observable and printable.

• RS232C (optional Ethernet) connection at 57600 band

• One RS232 serial port for connecting either PC or printer for data transmission

• Comes with Connection cable and software.

• Large permanent memory up to 256 test results

• Easy to operate with 6 main function keys

• Language select: English - Turkish

• Can control two frames