Neopren Pads and Capping Retainers

Code: BCO-122

  • Standards:

    • ASTM C1231
    • AASHTO T22
    • AASHTO T851

Neoprene pads (pack of 2) for Sample size 100x200 mm cylinder and 150x300 mm cylinder are available.

Capping retainers (pack of 2) for 100x200 mm and 150 x 300 mm are available.

Product Code Product Name
BCO-122/1  Neopren Pads, 150x300 mm
BCO-122/1.1  Neopren Capping Retainer, 150x300 mm
BCO-122/2 Neopren Pads, 100x200 mm
BCO-122/2.1 Neopren Capping Retainer, 100x200 mm