Long Travel Extensometer


  • Already in class 1 from 1 mm stroke and even class 0.5 from 8 mm stroke (EN ISO 9513)
  • Manual adjustment of the position and gauge length
  • Automatic attachment at the specimen
  • Clamping force of 150 cN
  • Activating force of max. 10 cN

Long-travel feeler-arm extensometer is specifically designed for applications with highly lengthening materials such as metals, plastics, rubber etc, incorporating long travel. The Long-travel extensometer complements relatively low-cost instruments used for the testing. At this semi-automatic working measuring device, the position and the gauge length have to be set manually whereas the moving to this position and the gauge length as well the attachment at the specimen, are done by electromotive drives.

Feasible to hold sample size between 0 – 40 mm diameter sample. 

Product Code Product Name
BMT-100LTE Long Travel Extensometer, 100 mm
BMT-500LTE Long Travel Extensometer, 500 mm
BMT-700LTE Long Travel Extensometer, 700 mm
BMT-900LTE Long Travel Extensometer, 900 mm
BMT-1200LTE Long Travel Extensometer, 1200 mm
BMT-1400LTE Long Travel Extensometer, 1400 mm
BMT-2000LTE Long Travel Extensometer, 2000 mm