Load Cells


Load cell, suitable for use in both compression and tension direction. High resistance to off -axis load and overload.

1,2,5,10,20,30,50,100 ton capacities are available.

Product Code Product Name
BMT-50LCU 50 kN Load Cell
BMT-50LCU.1 50 kN Load Cell, S type
BMT-100LCU 100 kN Load Cell
BMT-200LCU 200 kN Load Cell
BMT-250LCU 250 kN Load Cell
BMT-300LCU 300 kN Load Cell
BMT-500LCU 500 kN Load Cell
BMT-600LCU 600 kN Load Cell
BMT-600LCU.1 600 kN Load Cell, Compression Type
BMT-1000LCU 1000 kN Load Cell
BMT-1000LCU.1 1000 kN Load Cell, Compression Type