Code: BMT-SCU - DU

ew generation SEMATRON Electronic Control Unit is world’s one of the sensitive electronic control system. It controls hydraulic and/or electromechanical systems by closed-loop control method. Sematron Controller has a wide usage area in high technology test machines.

Test can be done with both load and displacement/deformation control mode with closed loop control technology. With displacement/deformation control, user can obtain much more accurate and sensitive readings. Load at failure, strain at failure, max load, max strain, etc. can be obtained real-time at 1 kHz (1000 data/sec).

The electronic control unit has 6 internal, 1 RS232-485 and 1 debug channels and is suitable for controlling up to 6 sensors and has 5 channels. It can control each of the sensors connected to the electronic control unit separately at a data rate of 1000Hz (1kHz). Thanks to the New Generation Electronic I/O Bus Terminal infrastructure, all sensors (extensometer, load cell, LVDTs, etc.) connected to the electronic control unit are automatically recognized by the system, their limits are automatically detected and their automatic calibrations can be performed. Besides this feature, the system also allows manual calibration of third party sensors. The sensor measurement resolution of the electronic control unit is 24 Bit.

Debug channel enables more than one electronic control unit of the same brand to communicate with each other and to control the system synchronously. Connected, communicating with debug channel electronic control units can control the simultaneous synchronous test or movements of multi-system test systems by working with the master-slave algorithm. Besides, electronic optional channels of the control unit, which can be added upon request, are capable of operating "video extensometer, laser extensometer, LVDT, strain gauge, load cell and position sensor".

The adaptation of the electronic control unit to the test system is done with sensor sockets (eeprom) containing special electronic cards in order to store stable and connected sensor data on a sensor basis.

Sensors (load, displacement meters, etc.) are connected to the control unit with Eeprom, it can keep all calibration data and linearization coefficients in its memory, even if the control unit is changed, there is no data loss. There is a physical electronic safety button on the sensor sockets to change or print the adjustment and calibration data. The communication of the electronic control unit with the computer or software is done via Lan (Ethernet) and Usb ports, depending on the user's request.