Electromechanical Pipe Ring Stiffness Test Machine

Code: BMT-E/BH

  • Standards:

    • N/A

Compression pipe testing machine was designed to conduct vertex compression testing with full load testing without impact or blows on tubes and preformed parts which are made of concrete, composite, plastic PVC, steel fiber concrete and reinforced concrete.

• Test pipes with diameter 200 mm – 4000 mm

BMT-E/BH Series Pipe Ring Stiffness Test Machine comes with

• 2 column rigid frame

• Loading platform for easy installation of pipes for test

• ?? channel electronic controller

• RMC handheld unit

• PC software

• Software user manual

Note. The testing frame is delivered disassembled and has to mounted on site following the instructions. The customer can also manufacture locally the testing frame, and purchase the loading/control system only. Testing frames with different capacity and features can be manufactured as per customer’s requirements. Quoted testing frame cannot be sold in the CE markets.

Product Code Product Name
BMT-30E/BH Pipe Ring Stiffness Test Machine, 30 kN Capacity
BMT-50E/BH Pipe Ring Stiffness Test Machine, 50 kN Capacity
BMT-100E/BH Pipe Ring Stiffness Test Machine, 100 kN Capacity
BMT-150E/BH Pipe Ring Stiffness Test Machine, 150 kN Capacity
BMT-200E/BH Pipe Ring Stiffness Test Machine, 200 kN Capacity
BMT-300E/BH Pipe Ring Stiffness Test Machine, 300 kN Capacity

• Available in different capacities (Up to 200 kN)


• Rigid 2-column construction

Load measurement and control:

• Can work in both, displacement/deformation mode and load control mode (with and without extensometer - optional).

• Load measurement and control is carried out with a load cell of class 0.5

• Sensitivity: 0.01 kN/sec

• Resolution: 24 bit

• Load Control Speed: 0,01 - 10 kN / sec

• Control Speed Accuracy: 0,50. 5% of the set value 

• Displacement Measurement Resolution: 1 micron

• Displacement Control Speed: 0.0001 - 500 mm/min

Control Unit:

• SEMATRON Closed-Loop Controller

• BESMAK Universal Testing Software

• Controller has 1000 Hz (1 kHz) data acquisition-processing and automatic calibration feature (2,5 kHz option is available)

• Controller has … channels and is feasible to attach video extensometer, laser extensometer, LVDT, automatic extensometer, strain gauge, load cell, SSI and TTL type sensors (sensors are optional).

• Position measurement and control with position encoder of 1 micron resolution

• Remote control unit with Live Display, Soft keys and Specimen Protect for enhanced usability and productivity. Operator can move machine up and down without use of computer to fix sample into the machine easily accurately and safely



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