Concrete Test Hammers

Code: BCO-116

  • Standards:

    • EN 12504-2
    • ENV 206
    • DIN 1048 part 2
    • BS 1881 Part 202
    • ASTM C805
    • ASTM D5873 (Rock)
    • D5873
    • JGJIT 23- 2001
    • JJG 817- 1993

Accurate measurement of compressive strength, which directly determines the load-bearing capacity and durability of concrete structures, is obtained by measuring the rebound of the hammer by hitting the concrete at a certain energy. Rebound corresponds to the hardness of concrete. Using the conversion tables, the rebound value can be related to the compressive strength. This device allows engineers to measure concrete quality and strength of existing concrete structures in situ to detect weak spots.

Product Code

Product Name


Impact Rebound Hammer

BCO-116-P.310 03 002

Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer, Type L

BCO-116-P.340 10 000

Proceq Marka Original Schmidt Test Hammer Live N Type

BCO-116-P.310 01 001

Proceq Original Schmidt Test Hammer N Type

BCO-116-P.341 41 000

SilverSchmidt Concrete Test Hammer PC, Type L

BCO-116-P.341 30 000

Proceq Silver Schmidt Test Hammer N Type Digital Type

BCO-116-P.341 31 000

Proceq Brand Silver Schmidt N Type PC Model Digital Concrete Test Hammer


Besmak Brand Calibration Anvil


Impact Brand Calibration Anvil


Proseq Brand Calibration Anvil


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