Acme Concrete Penetrometer

Code: BCO-119/2

  • Standards:

    • ASTM C403
    • AASHTO T197
    • TS 2987

Proctor penetrometer apparatus for determining the setting time of concrete with slump greater than zero by testing mortar sieved from the concrete mixture. It also determines the effects of variables such as temperature, cement, mixture proportions, additions and admixtures upon the time setting and hardening of concrete.

The unit consists of a special calibrated spring dynamometer with a pressure-indicating scale on the stem of the handle. The device is capable of measuring the penetration force with an accuracy of 62 lbf (10N) and shall have a capacity of at least 130 lbf (600N).

Needle Set:

Set of six, stainless steel needles

645 mm² - 323 mm² - 161 mm² - 65 mm² - 32 mm² - 16 mm²

Weight: 27 kg


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