Pull off Tester (Automatic)

Code: BCO-20E/TE

  • Standards:

    • DIN 1048-2
    • ZTV-ING (2003)
    • EN 1015-12
    • EN 1348
    • EN 1542 (1999)
    • EN 12618-2 (2004)
    • EN 13892-8 (2003)
    • DIN EN ISO 4624
    • ETAG 004

The Pull Off Tester with a capacity of 20 kN determines the surface tensile strength, adhesive strengths and pull of strength of concrete, screed, mortar, adhesives, plaster, coatings, parquet flooring, thermal insulation composite systems (with special accessories)

Product Code Product Name
BCO-20E/TE1 50x50x20 mm square plate aluminum
BCO-20E/TE2 Ø50x20 mm round plate aluminum

The system is load and position controlled.

Anti-impact system at the preloading period (soft preloading)

The system provides test results with an accuracy of 1% at an adjustable speed between 0.0001 mm/min and 20 mm/min.

Thanks to its sensitive servo-electromechanical infrastructure, it does not have resonance and noise problems.

Provides optimum vertical tensile force and allows the user to perform repeatable tests.

The system can apply continuous force with its linear actuator and has the features of automatic alignment and automatic tensile load increase.

16 samples can be placed in a single plate with locking mechanism so that samples do not move and deviation of test results is prevented.

Sample can be mounted easily outside the test area thanks to movable mechanism of plate.

Free input of test speeds (N/sec., MPa/sec)

Route-controlled testing (mm/min)  

Test results (Maximum load, speed, test time) can be monitored on Industry 4.0 compatible LCD Screen.


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