Bohme Abrasion Tester

Code: BRC – 709/2

  • Standards:

    • EN 1338
    • 1339
    • 1340

The device complies with EN 1338, 1339, 1340 standards.

Böhme Abrasive Device is used for natural stone and concrete products used in interior or exterior flooring.

It is designed to test its resistance to abrasion.

Device consists of 750 mm diameter horizontal abrasion disc rotating 30 ± 1 rpm, a sample load weight of 30 kg and a sample holding apparatus.

The device has a digital counter that automatically stops at the end of the desired number of revolutions (22 revolutions).

50 kg of etching powder is supplied with the device.

BRC-709/5: Abrasive Sand

Dimensions 1200x800x750 mm.

Power is 750 W.

Weight: 300 kg.


besmak material testing