Climate Chamber

Code: BGE-609

Humbidity cabinets are built to stimulate real climatic conditions by controlling temperature, humidity, day and night light cycles. The temperature and humidity control range of humidity cabinets enable to perform many tests in different industries.

Product Code Product Name
BGE-609/4 Climate Test Cabinet 120 Lt
BGE-609/6 Climate Test Cabinet 250 Lt
BGE-609/8 Climate Test Cabinet 500 Lt
BGE-609/9 Climate Test Cabinet 700 Lt
BGE-609/10 Climate Test Cabinet 750 Lt
BGE-609/12 Climate Test Cabinet 150 Lt
BGE-609/13 Climate Test Cabinet 1000 Lt
BGE-609/14 Climate Test Cabinet 4500 Lt
BGE-609/15 Climate Test Cabinet 600 Lt
BGE-609/16 Climate Test Cabinet 400 Lt
BGE-609/16.1 Standard Shelve for Climate Test Cabinet 400 liters


• Completely Stainless Steel Manufactured Heating, Cooling and Moistening Systems Temperature range between -25ºC and +50ºC

• Air circulation

• Available in different capacities

• Digitally controlled 220V, 50Hz. 


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