Vertical Abrasion Value

Code: BRC-709/1

  • Standards:

    • EN 1338
    • EN 1341
    • EN 1342
    • EN 1343
    • EN 14157
    • UNI 10532
    • BS 6717:2001

Used to determine the resistance to abrasion and wear of concrete products and natural stones, by measuring the length of a groove produced on the specimen surface by a disc that rotates at controlled speed and makes a constant pressure on the specimen.

It can make the abrasion test with the specimen which is written below;

• Concrete paving stones

• Concrete slabs

• Concrete kerb stones

• Natural stone paving stones

• Natural stone slabs

Lower unit with drawer which pulls out to collect the abrasive grit.

Grinding wheel made of special steel (vertical) with direct drive via a gear motor.

Adjustable quick fastening device with jointed lever storage silo with supply funnel fixed on a stand.

Counter weight (14 kg) via suspended cable in the lower unit.

Electric control in waterproof housing built-in revolution counter from 0 – 99,000.


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