Semi-Automatic Bitümen Penetrometer Testing Set

Code: BAS-513/3

  • Standards:

    • EN 1426
    • ASTM D5
    • BS 2000
    • AASHTO T53

Used to determine the consistency of a bituminous sample under fixed conditions of load, time and temperature. The penetration is expressed in distance of tenths of millimeters vertically penetrated by a standard needle.

Digital measurement of the penetration values,

The penetrometer comprises:

• baseplate with spirit level,

• vertical mounting rod with height-adjustable penetration arm,

• integrated displacement transducer to measure the penetration,

• electronic plunger release.

Machine functions:

Electronic plunger release

By pressing the start button of the control unit, the plunger is released. After the time preset at the quarz timer has elapsed (works setting 5.0 sec), the plunger is electromagneticaliy clamped.

Height adjustment

By rotating the handwheel, the height of the penetration arm can be set.

Dial gauge holder

The electronic displacement sensor with graphic display measures the penetration automatically.


Product Code Product Name
H-1280 Penetration Needle for Bituminous Material, 40-45mm
H-1290 Penetration Needle for Bituminous Material, 50-55mm
H-1300 Penetration Needle for Bituminous Material, 40-45mm, Certified
H-1302 Penetration Needle for Bituminous Material, 50-55mm, Certified

• Measuring range: 0-350 penetration units (equivalent to 0-35mm)

• Resolution: 0.04 mm

• Test load: 100g for needle penetration, 150g for conic penetration

• Test time: 5 sec (adjustable from 1 to 99 seconds)

• Adjustable to Needle Height,


Weight : 24 kg

Dimensions : 250 x 380 x 574 mm

Power : 220V, 50Hz


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