Code: BGE-612

Can be set between room temperature and 250 °C. 0.1 °C reading precision.

Different capacity models are available; 50, 120, 250, 500, 750 and 1000 l inner

Cabinet temperature precision depends on capacity . Precision on 750 l is 2.7 °C.

Stainless steel inside, electrostatic dyed outside. Digital adjustment and display panel. 220 V 50 Hz.

Product Code Product Name
BGE-612/1 Oven, 55 Lt
BGE-612/2 Oven, 120 Lt
BGE-612/3 Oven, 250 Lt
BGE-612/4 Oven,500 Lt
BGE-612/7 Oven, 400 Lt
BGE-612/9 Oven, 750 Lt
BGE-612/10 Oven, 250 Lt
BGE-612/13 Oven, 1000 Lt
BGE-612/15 Oven,1200 Lt
BGE-612/16 Oven Fan
BGE-612/12 The Shelf of Oven


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