Glass Measuring and Storage Vessel

Code: BGE-624, BGE-625, BGE-626, BGE-627, BGE-629, BGE-634, BGE-635, BGE-637, BGE-640, BGE-663

Different capacities are available.

Product Code Product Name
BGE-624/101 Graduated Glass Cylinder 350 ml.
BGE-624/102 Graduated Glass Cylinder 10 ml.
BGE-624/103 Graduated Glass Cylinder 25 ml.
BGE-624/104 Graduated Glass Cylinder 50 ml.
BGE-624/105 Graduated Glass Cylinder 100 ml.
BGE-624/106 Graduated Glass Cylinder 250 ml.
BGE-624/107 Graduated Glass Cylinder 500 ml.
BGE-624/108 Graduated Glass Cylinder 1000 ml.
BGE-624/109 Graduated Glass cylinder 200 ml
BGE-624/110 Graduated Glass Cylinder 2000 ml.
BGE-624/111 Graduated Glass Cylinder 5000 ml.
BGE-624/105.1 Grauted Cylinder With Glass Cup 100 ml
BGE-625/201 Beaker 100 ml
BGE-625/202 Beaker 250 ml
BGE-625/203 Beaker 600 ml
BGE-625/204 Beaker 1000 ml
BGE-625/205 Beaker 2000 ml
BGE-625/206 Beaker 50 ml
BGE-625/209 Beaker 800 ml
BGE-625/210 Beaker 400 ml
BGE-625/213 Beaker 150 ml
BGE-625/229 Beaker 1500 ml
BGE-625/230 Beaker 500 ml
BGE-625/220 Glass Beaker Set
BGE-626/108 Volumetric Flask  250 ml.
BGE-626/109 Volumetric Flask 500 ml.
BGE-626/110 Volumetric Flask  1000 ml.
BGE-626/111 Volumetric Flask  2000 ml.
BGE-626/112 Volumetric Flask 100 ml.
BGE-626/113 Volumetric Flask 10 ml.
BGE-626/114 Volumetric Flask 25 ml.
BGE-626/115 Volumetric Flask 50 ml.
BGE-627/1 Relative Density Test Set
BGE-627/2 Pycnometer 50 ml
BGE-627/3 Pycnometer 100 ml
BGE-627/4 Pycnometer 250 ml
BGE-627/5 Pycnometer 500 ml with funnel lid
BGE-627/6 Pycnometer 25 ml
BGE-627/7 Pycnometer 1000 ml
BGE-627/8 Pycnometer 2000 ml
BGE-627/9 Pycnometer 5000 ml
BGE-627/11 Pycnometer 60 ml
BGE-627/10 Pycnometer 1000 ml with funnel lid
BGE-627/12 Pycnometer 2000 ml with funnel lid
BGE-627/13 Pycnometer 3000 ml with funnel lid
BGE-629/1 Desiccator 210 mm
BGE-629/2 Desiccator 240 mm
BGE-629/3 Desiccator 300 mm
BGE-629/4 Desiccator 300 mm, Vacuum
BGE-629/5 Desiccator 45 lt. with Cabinet
BGE-634/2 Erlenmeyer Flasks 250 ml
BGE-634/3 Erlenmeyer Flasks 500 ml
BGE-634/5 Erlenmeyer Flasks 2000 ml
BGE-634/6 Erlenmeyer Flasks 100 ml
BGE-634/7 Erlenmeyer Flasks 750 ml
BGE-634/8 Erlenmeyer Flasks 50 ml
BGE-634/9 Erlenmeyer Flasks 25 ml
BGE-634/10 Erlenmeyer Flasks 300 ml
BGE-634/11 Erlenmeyer Flasks 1000 ml
BGE-634/12 Erlen Nuche 2000 ml, Glass
BGE-634/13 Erlen Nuche 500 ml, Glass
BGE-635/1 Burette 25 ml
BGE-635/2 Burette 50 ml
BGE-635/3 Digital Burette
BGE-637/30 Glass Boomometer 0-20
BGE-637/50 Glass Boomometer 0-50
BGE-640/2 Pipette 3 ml
BGE-640/3 Pipette 5 ml
BGE-640/4 Pipette 10 ml
BGE-640/5 Pipette 25 ml
BGE-640/6 Pipette 50 ml
BGE-640/7 Automatic pipette 1 ml
BGE-640/8 Automatic pipette 2 ml
BGE-663 Glass Baguette


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