Digital Point Load Tester

Code: BRC-704

  • Standards:

    • ASTM D 5731
    • EN DD ENV 1997-2

This apparatus is used to determine the strength values of a rock specimen, both in the field and in the laboratory.

It consists of a load frame for applying loads up to 55 kN, a mounted hydraulic ram and a pressure gauge have 0.001 kN precision for maximum load indication.

An upper conical platen is fixed on the frame and a lower one on the jack piston. A graduated scale is fixed on the frame and indicates the specimen diameter.

BESMAK Pressure Gauge Indicator gives results with different units; kN, N, t, kg, bar.

The system has a digital display that continuously monitors applied load and direct reading of specimen diameter.

It is portable and light design.

Tester accepts core specimens up to 101.6 mm (4) in diameter. 

Product Code Product Name
BRC-704/1 Digital Point Load Tester Gauge 
BRC-704/2 Digital Maual Load Tester
BRC-704/3 Spare Cone (Digital Point Load Tester)
BRC-704/5 Piston for Digital Point Load Tester
BRC-704/6 Pump for Digital Point Load Tester
BRC-704/CA Conical Part Set for Point Load Tester

Dimension: 400x530x720 mm

Weight: 24 kg


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