Hoek Cell

Code: BRC-708

Hoek cells comprise a steel body and two steel end caps which are screwed to the body of the cell when in use.

The body have two self sealing couplings; one of them is for connecting to the hydraulic pressure system, the other one is for de- airing the cell chamber and for the attachment of pressure measurement device.

Four sizes are available: AX, 1.5 in, BX and NX nominal core sizes.

Product Code Product Name
BRC-708/2 Hoek Cell - 1.5 ''
BRC-708/3 Hoek Cell - 55 mm
BRC-708/4 Hoek Hücresi NX 54.74 mm - Galvanized
BRC-708/5 Hoek Cell  - 54.74 mm NX
BRC-708/6 Hoek Cell - 42.04 mm BX
BRC-708/7 Hoek Cell  - 63,5 mm
BRC-708/FA Hoek Cell Fixing Apparatus




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