Laboratory Crusher

Code: BAG-415

Used to crush different hardness and kind of materials. It can be locked in the desired position. Unique, perfectly stable height adjustment device for cutting materials such as block, stone, brick, ceramics, tiles, marble, natural stones.


• High cutting capacity

• Patented self-locking nut and full access to the trench knife. Single easy installation with semiautomatic folding legs.

• Slurry collection tray for long-term use of the pump. A water pump can be chanced easily with quick electrical connection.

•  A water pump is optional.

• Blade diameter : 400 mm / 15.8 inches

•  Max cutting depth : 230 mm / 9.1 inches

• Max cutting length : 700 mm / 27.6 inches

• Product size, : LxWxH 1120x600x600 mm / 44.5x24.8x26.8 inches


besmak material testing