Asphalt Content/Binder Ignition Furnace (NCAT)

Code: BAS-519

  • Standards:

    • ASTM D6307

The Asphalt Content/Binder Furnace with internal automatic balance is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective method for the accurate determination of asphalt content. Furnace’s large capacity handles samples up to 4,000 grams.


Ignition method reduces testing time compared to solvent testing methods and automatic operation frees technicians for other tasks.


Temperature range is: 200 to 650°C. Accurate internal balance monitors weights automatically throughout ignition to within ±0.1gram.


Easy operation simply enter sample weight, calibration factor, load the sample, and push start, when unit beeps at test end, push stop, and sign receipt.


Door safety features, such as a software-activated door lock, an automatic interlock that cuts power when door is open, full 180 degree door opening and door hinge lock eliminate harmful solvents and make operation easy. CE Approved.

Weight : 27 kg

Power : 220V 50 Hz


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