Reflux Extractor Test Set

Code: BAS-501/1, BAS-501/2, BAS-501/3

  • Standards:

    • ASTM D2172
    • AASHTO T164B

Reflux extraction is the least expensive method for determining asphalt content in bituminous pavement mixtures. Hot plates generate solvent vapor that passes around and through sample contained in two-wire mesh cones lined with filter paper.


Used to determine the percentage of bitumen in a paving mixture using hot solvent extraction.

The cylindrical glass jar is supported by a metal body, consisting of two stainless steel metal cones and a heater, a metal condenser on top of the jar.

Product Code

 Product Name


 Reflux Extractor Test Set 4000 gr


 Reflux Extractor Test Set 3000 gr


 Reflux Extractor Test Set 1000 gr

Product Code: BAS-501/1 4000gr

Weight : 7 kg

Accesories: Filter Paper 50pcs/1packet


Product Code: BAS-501/2 1000gr

Weight : 5 kg

Accesories: Filter Paper 50pcs/1packet


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