Slake Durability Test Set

Code: BRC-705

  • Standards:

    • ASTM D4644

This apparatus provides a means of predicting the durability of rock to weakening and disintegration when subjected to the simulated eff ects of climatic shaking and used to test distribution of rock samples in water. Facility to test up to four sets of samples. Quick coupling for assembly and removal of drums.

The apparatus consists of a motor driven unit mounted on a base board with quick-release drive assemblies. These are capable of revolving two or four corrosion resistant specimen test drums with 140 mm diameter and 4 mm stainless steel mesh at 20 rpm. The test drums are supported on water lubricated bearings allowing unobstructed clearance below the drum and are supplied with two water troughs.

Product Code Product Name
BRC-705/1 Slake Wire Mesh Drums
BRC-705/2 Drum and Tank Assembly for Slake Durability Test Set

Power supply: 220 V 50 Hz.


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