Rolling Thin – Film Oven (RTFO)

Code: BAS-516

  • Standards:

    • ASTM D2872
    • AASHTO T240

The rolling thin fi lm oven is used to measure the effect of heat andair on a moving film of semi-solid asphaltic material.

The results of this treatment are determined from measurements of the asphalt properties before and after the test.

Internal chamber is stainless steel, provided of large glass door for inspection.

Comes with 8 pcs of glass container.

Product Code Product Name
BAS-516 RTFO, Rolling Thin Film Oven
BAS-516/3.1 RTFO Dry System Conditioner
BAS-516/3.2 RTFO Oily System Conditioner
BAS-516/4 RTFO Glass
BAS-516/5 RTFO Sample Tube
BAS-516/6 Air Compressor Pump For RTFO

Product Code : BAS - 516

Weight : 96 kg

Dimensions : 730 x 750 x 630 mm

Power : 220 V 50 Hz.


besmak material testing