Automatic Marshall Compactor

Code: BAS-504

  • Standards:

    • EN 12697-10
    • EN 12697-30
    • ASTM D6926
    • AASHTO T245

An automatic Marshall compactor uses to produce Marshall Specimen from hot mix asphalt.

The machine features a rotating mold mechanism and a hammer with a beveled foot, which together produce a kneading action when producing test pills.

The machine’s automatic counter allows the operator to preset the number of blows wanted and will turn off the machine when completed.

The unit includes a compression pedestal, BS EN 598 safety standards for manufactured 12697 -30.

This block contains a laminated wood 30 mm sq x 25 mm thick metal plate that is protected.

Mechanism of action in weight 4.53 kg, 457 mm to the desired height to allow access and free-fall. The unit is fully compliant with changes in standards.

The mould set should be ordered separately.

Product Code

Product Name


Automatic Marshall Compactor, 4 inch


Automatic Marshall Compactor, 6 inch

Product Code : BAS-504

Weight : 185 kg

Dimensions : 1880 x 535 x 535 mm

Power : 220 V 50 Hz


besmak material testing