Servo Hydraulıc Universal Testing Machine With Double Test Area

Code: BMT-SD

BESMAK® BMT-SD Series Universal Testing Machine, designed with a rigid frame in Column construction and double work/test space. Load measurement is made by a Load Cell. It is suitable for testing long samples or the samples having high strain capacity with its long range piston stroke system.

Load frame has double workspace, rigid Column compact design and bidirectional movement which make this machine feasible for tensile and compression tests.

System is suitable for different type and size of flat and round specimens and it has a long movement space

High precision load measurement and control with load cell of class 0.5.

Load Cells can be replaced according to different load ranges to make much more accurate and sensitive measurements on small samples. (Additional Load cell is an optional feature which provided on request.)

System equipped with special wedge type (V type)

jaws. Grips can be replaced easily for different types and sizes of flat and round specimens.

Distance between grips can be adjusted auto matically by computer and RMC handheld unit.

Universal Testing Machine, servo-hydraulic, 6 columns type rigid load frame with double long test space to perform tensile, compression  Transverse bending and other universal type of tests. Machine comes with  hydraulic wedge type grips for testing round and flat specimens. Machine is equipped with a single acting special low friction piston with  ≥ 200 mm piston stroke, due to this long piston stroke user can test variety of samples with different length, the vertical test area is ≥ 850 mm.

Frame, UTM frame has double test area with 2000 kn loading capacity. The upper test area of frame is suitable for universal tensile test (max. tensile test area = 850 mm) and lower test area is suitable for universal compression and transverse/bending tests. 
Maximum compression test span is ≥ 850 mm and compression plate size 220 mm dia for universal compression test. The frame include 3 point transverse/bending apparatus. Span of rollers can adjustable with T-slot structure up to 500 mm and also rollers can changeable according to requirement at apparatus.

Electronic control unit is feasible to attach and control video extensometer, laser extensometer, LVDT, automatic extensometer, strain gauge, load cell, SSI and TTL type sensors. Special Eeprom sensor plugs can store calibration and sensor data inside it. Due to this feature control unit can read sensor and calibration data even if user change it with new unit. User can read and control each attached sensor with control unit, for example; 2nd load cell, LVDTs and extensometers. can perform load and displacement controlled test, position measurement and control with position sensor of 1 micron resolution.

Handheld unit (RMC-7) to move machine up and down without use of computer and to control jaws to fix sample into the machine easily accurately and safely, Load channel with a resolution of ±180,000 steps, adjustable load control in between 0.01kN/s - 25kN/s, adjustable displacement control in between 0.1mm/min - 100 mm/min.

Hydraulic power pack and hydraulic wedge grips system,
Hydraulic power pack equipped with motor for crossed control and servo valve for actuator control as a hybrid and also this unit include power pack of wedge type grip system. Grip system can perform the test at round and flat samples. Jaws of grip system can hold up to 70 mm dia for round specimens and up to 75 mm thickness for flat specimens.

Besmak Universal Testing Software, user defined result parameters (connected to load and position), result can be transferred to Excel format(Raw Values). System comes with test software. User can see real time test data from the software, can save require data and can get a test graph as well. User can also change graph axis between time, load, stress, strain, displacement etc. Test data can be transfer to excel format to use in research and development project. After finishing a test user can save test in computer and can also get a print as a report.


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