Servo Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine

Code: BMT-D

BESMAK® Servo-hydraulic systems are the workhorse of any laboratory. They can perform a wide variety of low and high cycle fatigue, crack propagation, fracture toughness and other dynamic tests.

Each system can be readily configured with appropriate sized servo valve, manifold and hydraulic power unit to suit the particular application.

All systems are equipped with the advanced features of the SEMATRON Controller, Dynamic Testing Software and unique fatigue-rated load cells. BESMAK® Universal™ Dynamic Testing Software provides the backbone for running many dynamic tests. Another application specific software module allows other standardized tests to be run. These dynamic systems, when combined with BESMAK® Universal™ Dynamic Testing Software and appropriate accessories, are ideal for running a variety of static tensile, dynamic, fatigue, compression, flexure, peel, tear and friction and many more tests.

  • Up to ±1000 kN axial force capacity according to customers or/and test application requirement
  • Designed for both dynamic and static testing on a variety of materials and components
  • Highly stiff, floor-standing Servo-Hydraulic load frames for different ranges of force requirements
  • High-stiffness, precision-aligned load frame with twin columns and actuator in lower base
  • Standard or extra-height frame options available
  • Versatile and User-friendly software with powerful test design capabilities
  • Digital controllers with high channel density, High-capacity and superior configurability
  • Special fatigue rated load cell
  • Rugged, High-performance grips and fixtures
  • Wide range of grips, fixtures, and accessories
  • Compatible with a large range of grips, fixtures, chambers, video extensometers, protective shields, and other accessories
  • Choice of hydraulic configuration and dynamic performance to suit application
  • Advanced BESMAK® Universal™ Dynamic Testing Software
Product Code Product Name
BMT-0.25D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 0,25 kN Capacity
BMT-1D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 1 kN Capacity
BMT-5D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 5 kN Capacity
BMT-10D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 10 kN Capacity
BMT-15D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 15 kN Capacity
BMT-20D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 20 kN Capacity
BMT-25D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 25 kN Capacity
BMT-30D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 30 kN Capacity
BMT-50D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 50 kN Capacity
BMT-100D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 100 kN Capacity
BMT-150D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 150 kN Capacity
BMT-200D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 200 kN Capacity
BMT-250D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 250 kN Capacity
BMT-300D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 300 kN Capacity
BMT-500D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 500 kN Capacity
BMT-600D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 600 kN Capacity
BMT-1000D Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine, 1000 kN Capacity


Test system: 
consists of a10 kN capacity double-column design dynamic test frame with a resistant to at least 1 G of acceleration, dynamic double acting actuator, 150 mm actuator stroke, fixed cross-head, a hydraulic control unit equipped with a servo valve, electronic control unit, air cooled heat exchanger system;


Test system consists of a double-column fixed cross-head type rigid frame. Actuator mounted from the upper cross-head of frame. Test frame is feasible for  dynamic tests.

Load Measurement and Control:

Test system comes with a  fatigue rated load cell for load measurement and control. Test system is feasible to carrying out load controlled test with class 1 according to EN 7500-1 standard. Load control resolution is 20 bit. Load cell calibration can be carried out between 2% to 100% of maximum capacity.

Displacement Measurement and Control:

Test system comes with a MTS brand SSI type non-contact electromagnetic linear displacement sensor with 1 micron measurement and control resolution. Displacement sensor has very fast response. Displacement sensor is placed inside the actuator for high accuracy.

Electronic Control Unit:

Test system comes with a special closed-loop controlled electronic control unit. The electronic control unit of system is (German made) with 10000 samples per second data acquisition speed. Accurate synchronization between frame and sensors will be done/controlled by advanced PID or close loop configuration. Electronic control unit has total 5 channels (2 internal, 3 external). Due to these channels, electronic control unit can control upto 5 no. sensors at same time.  Electronic control unit is feasible to attach and control video extensometer, laser extensometer, LVDT, automatic extensometer, strain gauge, load cell, SSI and TTL type sensors. Special Eeprom sensor plugs can store calibration and sensor data inside it. Due to this feature control unit can read sensor and calibration data even if user change it with new unit.  User can read and control each attached sensor with control unit, for example; 2nd load cell, LVDTs and extensometers.

Handheld Unit:

Test system comes with one remote control unit. User can move actuator up and down with this remote control unit during setting up samples in test frame without using PC. Actuator movement and speed can be controlled easily, precisely, accurately and safely.

Test Software:

Test System comes with BESMAK advanced dynamic test software. BESMAK dynamic software is user friendly interface. User can perform sinusoidal, triangular, quadratic and ramp loading. User also can write its own test procedure. Easy-to-understand icons and workflows make it easy to train new or experienced users, simplifying operator training, and allowing you to start testing even faster. Meticulously crafted visual design, gives the most comprehensive view of the test workspace. User can make and save test templates with specific name / test standard etc. Automatic Save option for test report and/or raw values. User defined graph axis to get real time values of desired sensor. User defined report setup and results definition. Series test option to combine test graphs and results of multiple samples. Real time graphic analysing feature to see graph data point to point. User can perform tensile, compression, bending, shear and special test easily. Test settings, test templates, loading sequences and device settings can be easily done by the software. BESMAK Universal Testing software supports multi languages which make it attractive for international users. Over load detection and sample protection features for advance testing applications to protect sensitive samples. Auto tare option for each connected sensor. Auto positioning and return after test feature for actuator. Software supports All SI and Matric units for sensors and measurements. Test result can be transferred to Excel format(Raw Values) or PDF format(report format).

Hydraulic Power Unit:

System comes with advanced hydraulic Power Unit (15 l/min flow rate) with gear type hydraulic pump driven by electrical motor, smooth and high flow rate, with manifold and pressure limit valve, oil tank, comes with necessary joints and hose. Hydraulic power unit is equipped with high response and accurate servo valve. Hydraulic power unit also equipped with air cooled heat exchanger. The test system is suitable for carrying out load and displacement controlled fatigue tests. The system is suitable for operation with 380 V, 50 Hz.

NOTE: Machine comes with mechanical jaws


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