Servo Electromechanical Actuator System

Code: BMT-A/E

BESMAK® Actuators provide an integrated, high-performance solution to your static & dynamic force generation requirements. Each of the actuator components and options helps simplify the process of designing and building high-performance testing systems. Actuators are used worldwide in demanding vehicle dynamics, structural fatigue, and component test applications.

Actuators are manufactured for years of reliable operation in test systems. Materials are used in such a way that the friction and the stiction are minimized and reliability and wear resistance are maximized.

These fatigue-rated actuators are precision-engineered to deliver the strength, durability and versatility required for optimal performance in a variety of structural testing applications.

Actuators are specifically designed to provide the highest levels of fidelity in the application of controlled power.

  • Selectable load capacity between 1 kN-2500 kN
  • Highest precision and controllability of loadings
  • Exceptional life and operational safety
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Highest quality “Designed, made and proven in Turkey”

Special-design options are available according to customer/test requirements

Product Code Product Name
BMT-1A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 1 kN Capacity
BMT-5A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 5 kN Capacity
BMT-10A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 10 kN Capacity
BMT-20A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 20 kN Capacity
BMT-50A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 50 kN Capacity
BMT-70A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 70 kN Capacity
BMT-75A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 75 kN Capacity
BMT-100A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 100 kN Capacity
BMT-150A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 150 kN Capacity
BMT-200A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 200 kN Capacity
BMT-250/AE Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 250 kN Capacity
BMT-300A/E Servo-Electromechanical Actuator System, 300 kN Capacity
BMT-150A/DE Double-Ended Servo Hydraulic Actuator, 150kN Capacity
BMT-200A/DE Double-Ended Servo Hydraulic Friction Less (Hidro-static type) dynamic Actuator, 200kN Capacity
BMT-300A/DE Double-Ended Servo Hydraulic Actuator, 300kN Capacity

Servo-Electromechanical actuator;  stroke is 100 mm (+/- 50 mm) with load cell for load measurement and control, encoder system for displacement control and electronic control unit.

Load measurement and control with a load cell of class 0.5.

Control Unit: Close-loop electronic controller is with 1000 samples per second and data acquisition speed. Accurate synchronization will be done/controlled by advanced PID or close loop configuration. Electronic control unit has total 5 channels (2 internal, 2 external ( optional) and 1 RS232/485). Due to these channels electronic control unit can control 5 no. sensors at same time. Electronic control unit is feasible to attach and control video extensometer, laser extensometer, LVDT, automatic extensometer, strain gauge, load cell, SSI and TTL type sensors(extra channels and sensors are optional). Special Eeprom sensor plugs can store calibration and sensor data inside it. Due to this feature control unit can read sensor and calibration data even if user change it with new unit.  

Besmak Universal Testing Software, user defined result parameters (connected to load and position), result can be transferred to Excel format(Raw Values).User can see real time test data from the software, can save require data and can get a test graph as well. User can also change graph axis between time, load, stress, strain, displacement etc. Test data can be transfer to excel format to use in research and development project. After finishing a test user can save test in computer and can also get a print as a report. 


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