Eartquake Isolation Test Machine

Code: BMT-EI

  • Standards:

    • EN-15129
    • EN-1337

Complies with EN-15129 and EN-1337 standards;

Seismic isolation testing focuses on the rubber bearings, friction pendulum-type bearings and dampers used to protect structures from damage during earthquakes and other seismic events, revealing important information about how these devices perform under different frequencies. Typically, bearings undergo a biaxial test with a high-force dynamic load applied vertically and a cyclic load applied horizontally. Dampers are generally tested only in one direction. In both cases, forces range from 1,000 kN to 20,000 kN and more, making these tests demanding to perform accurately. With more than 25 years of experience developing high-force and high-performance special test systems for civil structural applications, BESMAK® provides both the expertise and technology to conduct successful seismic isolation tests.

  • Measurement accuracy: class 1
  • Test speed: Up to 1000 mm/s
  • Displacement resolution: 1μ
  • Data acquisition and control speed: Up to 10 kHz
  • Column type rigid frame structure
  • Special double-acting low friction dynamic actuator
  • BESMAK® universal simulation software
Product Code Product Name
BMT-4000/250EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 4000 kN Vertical, 250 kN Horizontal Capacity 
BMT-4000/1000EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 4000 kN Vertical, 1000 kN Horizontal Capacity 
BMT-4000/2000EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 4000 kN Vertical, 2000 kN Horizontal Capacity 
BMT-5000/1000EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 5000 kN Vertical, 1000 kN Horizontal Capacity 
BMT-6000/1000EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 6000 kN Vertical, 1000 kN Horizontal Capacity 
BMT-10000/2000EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 10000 kN Vertical, 2000 kN Horizontal Capacity 
BMT-12000/1200EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 12000 kN Vertical, 1200 kN Horizontal Capacity 
BMT-15000/1500EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 15000 kN Vertical, 1500 kN Horizontal Capacity 
BMT-15000/2000EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 15000 kN Vertical, 2000 kN Horizontal Capacity 
BMT-20000/2000EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 20000 kN Vertical, 2000 kN Horizontal Capacity 
BMT-20000/2500EI Servo Hydraulic Earthquake Isolator Test System, 20000 kN Vertical, 2500 kN Horizontal Capacity 


BESMAK Servo-Hydraulic Earth-Quake isolator test system of capacity, with EN 15129 ve EN 1337 Standards. Earth-Quake isolator test system is consisting of dual axis loading with vertical capacity of 12000kN static/dynamic and horizontal capacity of 1200kN static/dynamic. Vertical and horizontal actuators are double acting. Horizontal loading axis consists of one actuator of  with 1200 mm (±600 mm) stroke. Compression and tensile load of this actuator is equal due to double acting – double ended design. Earth-Quake isolator test system designed to test Earth-Quake isolators at variable horizontal frequency (1 Hz Max.) with +/- 200 mm and/or variable designed shear strain with constant frequency (1 Hz Max.), under constant vertical stress according to EN 15129 Standard.

Vertical actuator is designed to keep constant load / constant stress during the test while the horizontal actuators designed for variable frequency ( 1 Hz Max.) and variable displacement with 1256 mm/s dynamic test speed and 3 cycles with ±600 mm amplitude. This test system can also perform special cyclic loading tests. Frequency and displacement are adjustable / user defined within the speed limits of system.

With MTS Non-Contact electromagnetic SSI type position sensor (integrated inside the actuators), in the vertical and horizontal axis, user can measure and control displacement with 0.01mm sensitivity. In horizontal axis, the dynamic speed (test speed) of actuators is 1256 mm/s with 3 cycles. Horizontal and vertical actuators work in combination form. Due to this combination, during the test vertical load and/or stress (pressure) remain constant at all points of horizontal shear movement. The constant pressure or stress does not affect from any horizontal shear movement and change in area of sample due to special close loop PID control system.

According to ISO 7500-1 Standard, load control and measurement is made by load cell (horizontal actuators) and pressure transducer (vertical actuator) of class 1 or more accurate. In both axis, user can adjust loading speed with load control between 0.1 kN/s to 80 kN/s. Test system is feasible for special ramp loading, triangle loading, rectangle loading, sinusoidal loading and user defined loading process within the cycle and speed limits according to EN 15129 Standard.

Specially designed close loop and rapid cooling system will be provided with hydraulic unit of system to prevent oil from heating during the test.

Electronic control units will be provided with test system to control each actuator separately but in synchronized form. The electronic control unit of system is German made with 2500 samples per second data acquisition speed. Accurate synchronization between frame, actuators and sensors will be done/controlled by advanced PID or close loop configuration.

Electronic control unit has total 5 channels (2 internal (active), 3 external (need extra cards to activate) and 1 RS232/485). Due to these channels electronic control unit can control 5 no. sensors at same time. Electronic control unit is feasible to attach and control video extensometer, laser extensometer, LVDT, automatic extensometer, strain gauge, load cell, SSI and TTL type sensors. Special Eeprom sensor plugs can store calibration and sensor data inside it. Due to this feature control unit can read sensor and calibration data even if user change it with new unit. User can read and control each attached sensor with control unit, for example; 2nd load cell, LVDTs and extensometers.

Two remote control units will be provided with the system to adjust position of actuators and to move actuators easily during sample adjustment etc.

Special dynamic test software can draw; load – displacement, load – time and load – strain etc. graphic during the test. These graphs could also be in the combination of user defined parameters in three axes. According to test results, raw-values can be transferred to excel format and pdf format.

User can upload test values and data in csv format (earthquake data etc.). Due to this feature user can simulate earthquake or other special simulations with load and/or displacement control (within the limits of system.

Main Specifications of Vertical Actuator:​

  • Maximum loading rate: 5,000kN/min or 8mm/s
  • Force measurement accuracy: ±2%
  • Stroke: 600mm or ±300mm
  • Range of sample height: 200 to 500mm
  • Displacement measurement accuracy: ±2%
  • Control method: Sine wave, force control

Main specifications of Horizontal Actuator:

  • Static loading capacity: ±1,200kN
  • Cyclic loading capacity: ±1,200kN
  • Working frequency: 0.01 to 3Hz
    • 0.50Hz @ ±400mm (3 consecutive cycles)
    • 0.33Hz @ ±600mm (2.3 consecutive cycles)
    • 1.00Hz @ ±200mm (6 consecutive cycles)
  • Force measurement accuracy: ±2%
  • Displacement measurement accuracy: ±2%
  • Maximum displacement: ±600
  • Maximum speed: 1256mm/s
  • Control method: Sine wave, displacement control

Test frame:

  • Low friction linear guide rail for horizontal sliding, contributing to high test accuracy
  • Test space: 1.1m x 1.1m x 0.7m


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