Servo Electromechanical Creep/Stress Relaxation Test Machine


The Electromechanical Creep Testing Machine offers a wide range of applications.

  • Creep tests
  • Creep rupture tests
  • Stress rupture tests
  • Relaxation tests
  • Creep crack tests
  • Definition of individual stepless sequences of load and temperature
  • Advanced creep- Tests
  • Creep fatigue tests
  • Creep strain modeling
  • Creep ductility
  • Creep property deterioration due to service exposure
  • Creep data from component tests
  • Additional load-, stress- and strain-controlled tests such as tensile, compression, flexure, LCF or fracture toughness
  • Ambient or elevated temperature

For long term tests (reaching up to 10,000h)

  • High stiffness, precision and flexibility by 4-columnsdesign and double screw design
  • Precise axial alignment according to ASTM E 292 by precision crosshead guiding and special seating load train
  • Requires no special base or foundation
  • Includes vibration isolation with Sylomer-dampers under the load frame
  • High resolution crosshead resolver and high resolution load channel permits excellent control characteristics
  • Precise speed of +/-0.1% of set speed in range of 1μm/h to 100 mm/min measurement (average over 5 sec or 10 mm)
  • High durability by use of brushless AC-motors
  • Drive control sampling and adjustment frequency 6 ms
  • Load capacity 50 kN / 100 kN
  • Test area-depth unlimited
  • Crosshead strokes 1290 mm
  • Return speed 100 mm/min
Product Code Product Name
BMT-20C/E Servo-Electromechanical Creep Test Machine, 20 kN Capacity 
BMT-25C/E Servo-Electromechanical Creep Test Machine, 25 kN Capacity 
BMT-50C/E Servo-Electromechanical Creep Test Machine, 50 kN Capacity 
BMT-100C/E Servo-Electromechanical Creep Test Machine, 100 kN Capacity 
BMT-400C/E Servo-Electromechanical Creep Test Machine, 400 kN Capacity 
BMT-400SR Stress Relaxation Test Machine, 400kN Capacity
BMT-500SR Stress Relaxation Test Machine, 500kN Capacity
BMT-600SR Stress Relaxation Test Machine, 600kN Capacity
BMT-800SR Stress Relaxation Test Machine, 800kN Capacity
BMT-1000SR Stress Relaxation Test Machine, 1000kN Capacity
BMT-1200SR Stress Relaxation Test Machine, 1200kN Capacity

Servo Electromechanical, Creep Testing Machine, can work on tension-compression, bending and long term-creep tests and on both displacement/deformation mode and load control mode (with and without extensometer - optional).Two column rigid construction. 

Load measurement and control, with a special creep type load cell of class 0.5 for long-term tests, 1 kHz data accusation Close-loop electronic controller, Crosshead moving speed (mm/min): 0.001-250. 

The electronic control unit of system is with 1000 samples per second data acquisition speed. Accurate synchronization between frame and sensors will be done/controlled by advanced PID or close loop configuration. Electronic control unit has total 5 channels (2 internal, 3 external (*optional) and 1 RS232/485). Due to these channels electronic control unit can control 5 no. sensors at same time. 

Electronic control unit is feasible to attach and control video extensometer, laser extensometer, LVDT, automatic extensometer, strain gauge, load cell, SSI and TTL type sensors (Sensors are optional). Special Eeprom sensor plugs can store calibration and sensor data inside it. Due to this feature control unit can read sensor and calibration data even if user change it with new unit. 

User can read and control each attached sensor with control unit, for example; 2nd load cell, LVDTs and extensometers. can perform load and displacement controlled test, position measurement and control with position encoder of 1 micron resolution, Load channel with a resolution of 20bit, adjustable displacement control in between 0.001 - 250 mm/min, testing software, 32 user defined result parameters (connected to load and position), result can be transferred to Excel format(Raw Values). It has periodic saving function for long-term creep tests.


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