Servo Hydraulic Creep Test Machine


It is designed to provide solutions for maintaining constant loads for long term creep and stress rupture testing applications of materials in accordance with different standards. These tests can run from only a few hours up to and exceeding 10,000 hours. The long duration of these tests makes the hydraulic system cost-effective and highly reliable. The hydraulic unit pumps oil to the frame and it finishes pumping at a requested constant level. After this process frame starts to apply creep to the specimen by integrated springs.

  • Available in different capacities according to test specifications
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of all national and international standards
  • Convenient working height and ergonomic controls improve operator productivity and comfort
  • Absolute-type deformation measurement sensors Special creep test software for short-term and long-term creep test
  • Extrapolation feature for long-term creep test
Product Code Product Name
BMT-300STC Servo Hydraulic Creep Test Machine 300 kN Capacity
BMT-500STC Servo Hydraulic Creep Test Machine 500 kN Capacity
BMT-600STC Servo Hydraulic Creep Test Machine 600 kN Capacity
BMT-1000STC Servo Hydraulic Creep Test Machine 1000 kN Capacity



Test System

4-column, 150x300 mm hydraulic loading system with fully automatic servo control consisting of loading system, mechanic spring and lockable creep system, piston and servo hydraulic power unit that can simultaneously test on 3 samples in cylindrical structure. consists of 6 absolute type position sensors and 3 compres- sion meters in order to measure the deformation on it.

Creep test frame

After the desired load is reached, the sample is transferred to the mechanical springs in the load system by the under-table system. Thus, the loading is mechanically fixed during long-term creep tests.

The body has 4 columns, welded and rigid structure. Creep test at constant load can be carried out simultaneously on 3 specimens with dimensions of 150x300 mm in cylindrical structure with load control.

Load Measurement

Load measurement and control is carried out with a load cell and 2% to 100% of the capacitor with class 1 or better sensitivity according to EN-ISO-7500-1 standard.

Hydraulic Unit

Servo Hydraulic unit; fast loading feature and continuous high flow electric motor driven multi-piston pump, manifold with servo valve system and pressure relief valve, necessary connections and hoses and oil tank consists of.

Control Unit

Loading speed can be adjusted between 0.05 kN / sec and 30 kN / sec thanks to the "Sematron Touch V2" control unit with touch LCD. The electronic control unit has a 1000 Hz (1 kHz) data acquisition and processing capability and automatic calibration. The system has close loop loop and loading and unloading controlled experiments can be carried out on this side. In the system, sinusoidal, ramp load loading, constant load standby procedures can be performed. The electronic control unit has 4 analogue and 3 digital channels. Semi-dynamic applications can be performed at low frequencies and amplitudes. The sampling frequency for long-term Creep applications is adjustable.

Control Unit Display

10 inch touch capacitive display, easy-to-adjust user-friendly interface, built-in USB port to directly receive results directly from the LCD screen without using Pc and internet connection to control unit via external USB port to enable LCD control unit to communicate with computer, (optional, mini printer support and compatible with all HP printers), software update via USB, ability to save test results in excell and pdf format, print results directly from LCD (optional, mini printer support and compatible with all HP printers) The connection between the Lcd and the controller (Sematron Touch V2) is achieved via CAN bus, all measurable units available (N, kN, mode etc.), automatic reset before test, high precision and stability control, purpose i password-protected calibration menu, the ability to add information to the user-defined report.

Deformation Measurement System

System; 6 absolute type deformation sensors, data collection software with at least 8 channel data collector and user defined timer feature. Deformation sensors are absolute. Thus, the current deformation data does not disappear even if the sensors are turned off or the power is cut off, and also the data can be read on the screen on the sensors during the test. Deformation variation on the specimens is provided by absolute type position sensors with measuring capacity of 12.7 mm and capable of measuring with a sensitivity of 1 micron. Deformation data can be received simultaneously from each sensor with the help of a data collecting unit with at least 8 channels. Communication and data transfer between the sensors and the data collection through usb. The data acquisition software is suitable for user-defined simultaneous data transfer from sensors for creep applications. Exported data can be exported in excel format and saved.

Deformation Measurement Frames

150x300 mm in size Suitable for cylinder samples, made of light aluminum profile. 2 vertical and 1 horizontal deformation measurement sensors can be connected.


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