Torsion Test Machine

Code: BMT-T

BESMAK® BMT-T Series Torsion Testing Machine is mainly used to test the plasticity of metal wires and ropes under torsion conditions. Surface flaws of steel wires may be shown out during the testing process. It is most suitable for quality inspection of departments related to steel wire. The revolution is displayed on special BESMAK® testing software or digital touch screen controller. The revolution values are automatically held at the break of specimens.

  • Available in different torque capacities
  • Maximum stiffness ensures very accurate high rotation angle measurement resolution over the whole torque range
  • High resolution of torque measurement
  • High resolution of rotation angle measurement
  • Maintenance-free AC servo drives
  • Operation with standard BESMAK® testing software and/or touch screen controller
  • Designed for production, quality assurance, research and development
  • Maximum flexibility in handling and operation thanks to state-of-the-art software control
  • BESMAK’s comprehensive range of optional accessories
Product Code Product Name
BMT-10T Torsion Test Machine, 10 Nm Capacity
BMT-15T Torsion Test Machine, 15 Nm Capacity
BMT-25T Torsion Test Machine, 25 Nm Capacity
BMT-30T Torsion Test Machine, 30 Nm Capacity
BMT-50T Torsion Test Machine, 50 Nm Capacity
BMT-100T Torsion Test Machine, 100 Nm Capacity
BMT-200T Torsion Test Machine, 200 Nm Capacity
BMT-300T Torsion Test Machine, 300 Nm Capacity
BMT-500T Torsion Test Machine, 500 Nm Capacity
BMT-1000T Torsion Test Machine, 1000 Nm Capacity
BMT-1500T Torsion Test Machine, 1500 Nm Capacity
BMT-2000T Torsion Test Machine, 2000 Nm Capacity

Test system; consists of 100 Nm capacity test frame, angle measurement, closed loop controlled servo motor system, electronic control unit and suitable test software.

Test frame; With double-sided sample holder system, the sample can be tested with constant speed or torque control.Torque measurement and control can be adjusted very precisely . Angle measurement can be controlled precisely by the internal encoder system with the servo motor. The electronic control unit of machine 4-channel with 1000 (1 kHz) data per second data acquisition and control speed. System comes with special test software to show real time values and graph.

Test software; Besmak Universal Testing Software, user defined result parameters (connected to load and position), result can be transferred to Excel format(Raw Values). User can see real time test data from the software, can save require data and can get a test graph as well. User can also change graph axis . It is suitable for creating user-defined tests and can convert these steps into cyclic tests. The number of cycles applied and the torque on the sample can be seen instantly with the software.


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