Drop Weight Tester

Code: BMT-DW

Testing at low impact speeds of 2.2 m/s requires a larger drop weight; if testing at 6.6 m/s is required, acceleration is necessary. This drop weight tester caters for both situations, making it the perfect instrument to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of automotive industry specification standards. The feed and safety concept provides optimum operator convenience and safety. With this drop weight tester pre-conditioned test plates can be inserted and impacted in less than five seconds, allowing many puncture tests to be performed without the need to install a temperature chamber. The instrument can also be used for CAI, Charpy and Izod tests.

  • Excellent test area accessibility
  • No manual opening of safety devices in test area
  • Easy, manual feed of cooled specimens
  • Fast, safe, easy changeover between different configurations
  • Automatic series mode in testXpert III allows series testing with no operator intervention between individual specimens
  • High natural measuring frequency enables accurate test results.
  • High data acquisition rate (4MHz) for all measurement channels allows excellent resolution for measured curves.
  • Large transient memory allows measured values for brittle and ductile materials to be stored at full resolution.
  • Full coverage of AITM 1.0010 energy ranges.
Product Code Product Name
BMT-50DW Drop Weight Impact Tester, 50J Capacity
BMT-100DW Drop Weight Impact Tester, 100J Capacity
BMT-300DW Drop Weight Impact Tester, 300J Capacity
BMT-400DW Drop Weight Impact Tester, 400J Capacity


BESMAK Drop Weight Impact Tester: Test frame with rigid column construction and surrounded by a protective cabinet.  Machine equipped with special Sample holding mechanism also it has an anti rebound system that prevents the falling weight from second impact on sample.
Height Adjustment System: Automatic height adjustment system for impact weight. Maximum drop height is 1000mm (adjustable from 50mm to 1000mm). User can adjust impact energy by adjusting weight on impact hammer and height.
Load Measurement: Test system is equipped with dynamic piezoelectric load cell with high dynamic impact response to measure impact force accurately.
Electronic Control System: The electronic measurement and control system has a sampling rate of 100 kHz (100000 data per sec). User can move impact hammer up and down easily to adjust height automatically also it has special safety features to insure user safety.
Test Software: System comes with special BESMAK impact test software to operate system and get test results according to test requirement. BESMAK impact test software has real time graphic display and user can save test results in different formats. Easy setup and predefined test procedures, increases test efficiency.


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