Los Angeles Abrasion Value

Code: BAG-407

  • Standards:

    • EN 1097-2
    • ASTM C131
    • C535

The Los Angeles abrasion test is widely used as an indicator of relative quality of aggregates. Test measures degradation of standard gradings of aggregates when subjected to abrasion and impact, in a rotating steel drum containing an abrasive charge of steel balls. Up to twelve balls are used, depending on gradation of test

Fully coated with electrostatic dye. Easily set to ASTM and EN standards. Can be set to desired number of rotations. Automatically stops after preset number of rounds. Emergency stop button. Collection plate. Sieve, safety cabinet and
abrasion balls are optional. 12 ASTM and 11 EN balls are available. 220V 50 Hz.


Product Code Product Name
BAG-407 Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
BAG-407/3 Abrasive Charges Set / EN 
BAG-407/4 Abrasive Charges Set / ASTM
BAG-407/5 Cabinet
BAG-407/6 Motor



Weight : 475 kg 355 kg
Dimensions (w x l x h) : 970 x 1100 x 1270 mm 830 x 950 x 930 mm


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