Methylene Blue Test Set

Code: BAG-406

  • Standards:

    • EN 933-9

The methylene blue test set used to determine the clay content in the fine portions of the aggregates. The set comprises electric stirrer adjustable from 400 to 600 rpm, stirring palette, 30 g methylen blue, 500 g kaolinit, 50 ml burette, burette stand, 2000 ml beaker, bagget and 50 filter papers. 220 V 50 Hz.

Product Code Product Name
BAG-406/1 Methylene Blue Propeller, 4-blade
BAG-406/2 Methylene Blue Powder,100 gr
BAG-406/3 Filter Paper for Methylene Blue
BAG-406/4 Methylene Blue Test Mixer
BAG-406/5 Rod for Methylene Blue (dia 7mm length 30 cm propeller dia 75mm)
BAG-406/6 Methylene Blue, kg
BAG-406/7 Methylene Blue Test Set with Plate Stand

Weight : 10 kg


besmak material testing