Valve Pressure Tester

Code: BMT-VT

The greatest cost associated with valve inspection, testing and repair, is the time consumed with the valve test setup and breakdown. The hydraulic actuation of clamping arms secures the valve on the uniquely designed Table of Pressure seals immediately after the valve has been placed on the bench.

The BESMAK® Valve Test Bench, operated by one person, can secure the valve, pressure test both seating surfaces, test the bonnet and the stem packing, and release the valve within two to five minutes.

Experience has shown that one operator, with one BESMAK® Valve Test Bench, can test valves up to ten times faster than using conventional testing methods. In some cases, it is equal to installations using as many as eleven test shop personnel and six work stations.

  • Clamping: Manual fast clamping system
  • Clamping range: DN10-DN400 1/2″-16″
  • High pressure air/gas inlet
  • Stainless steel control cabinet
  • Anodized, acid proof front panel
  • Stainless steel tubing PN600
  • Gauge quick connection
  • METERS precision needle valves
  • Bubble counter (DIN/EN, ASME and API)
Product Code Product Name
BMT-25VT Valve Pressure Tester, 25 Bar Capacity
BMT-30VT Valve Pressure Tester, 30 Bar Capacity
BMT-60VT Valve Pressure Tester, 60 Bar Capacity

Test System: pressure system, valve connection test body, digital display unit that can monitor the pressure of the operator and connection apparatus.

Pressure Unit: Pressure unit; It has devices that can create test pressure driven by an electric motor. It consists of necessary connections and hoses.

Digital Display: The digital display can show the real-time pressure value and gives the opportunity to monitor the pressure loss. 10inch touch capacitive screen, easily adjustable user-friendly interface, can get the results directly from the LCD screen without using a PC. Ability to send results via e-mail from LCD screen, internal 4 GB (upgradeable) data storage area, save test results in excel and pdf format, print results directly from LCD (Optional, mini printer support and compatible with all HP printers), USB software update feature, connection between LCD and controller (Sematron Touch Series) is provided via USB, automatic reset feature before testing, high sensitivity and stability control, password-protected calibration menu to prevent possible setting changes, adding information to the report as user defined feature.


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