Load Frame


BESMAK BMT-SPL Series Loading Frame consists of loadcell for load measurement and control, hydraulic unit to provide drive system, electronic control unit and appropriate test software. Both special and standard test accessories can be integrated for many different applications. It is easy to use and functional. Built for high precision and durability, these test systems offer extensive testing flexibility for users to meet changing requirements. It is also designed with features that increase testing efficiency and enhance the testing experience for the operator.


Product Code Product Name
BMT-F.60SPL 60 kN Load Frame
BMT-F.150SPL 150 kN Load Frame
BMT-F.300SPL 300 kN Load Frame
BMT-F.600SPL 600 kN Load Frame
BMT-F.1000SPL 1000 kN Load Frame




2-column rigid construction, low friction double-acting piston 

Load Measurement and Control

The load measurement and control is carried out between 4% and 100% of the capacity with class 1 or better accuracy due to the accurate load measurement system.

Hydraulic Unit

Advanced hydraulic unit with multi-piston hydraulic pump driven by electrical motor, smooth and high flow rate, fast piston approach, with manifold and pressure limit valve, oil tank, comes with necessary joints and hose.

Load controlled option is available. 

Control Unit

The advanced controller has totally 5 channels as internal 2 analog and 3 digital. Control unit allows constant load increase adjustable between 1 kN/Sec – 25kN/Sec. Piston release load automatically at sample break. Feasible for simple strength test – ramp loading – 1kHz data acquisition and control capability which allows accuracy in control and reading load. Special close loop (PID) control with double loop. Automatic addition feature for different sensors. Automatic calibration function, extra internal channel for a 2nd load sensor or displacement sensors. 

PC Software

Machine comes with a universal testing software which allows controlling machine with computer.


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